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Adhesive Tapes
With our Adhesive Tapes, the customers will discover no adhesive material after the tape is removed from the roll or dispenser. In addition, these tapes have sealing material and backing material to avoid solvent penetration into the packed material.
Packaging Tapes
Our Packaging Tapes have effective anti-fragmentation property, which implies they will not appear as lobes. These tapes are primarily made from PP, PVC, PET, and allied material. Our tapes have dual sides; one has adhesive material and another side has a smooth surface.
Industrial Tapes
Our Industrial Tapes can be available in colored and clear films as per the customers requirements. In addition, our tapes have smooth as well as a clean surface for diversified applications. These tapes effective stick to the surface and last for longer period.
Cloth Tapes
As the title suggests, our Cloth Tapes are composed of caliber fabric on which great adhesive material is applied for instant applications. Moreover, these tapes have effective bonding, sealing, fixing and more properties. Our tapes are completely water-safe in nature.
Double Sided Tapes
The offered Double Sided Tapes possess two sides, the facet side is delivered with multiple mechanisms and the back end is an item in which the adhesive material is attached to the integrated release paper. Moreover, these tapes have elevated abrasion and corrosion resistance.
Book Binding Tape
When the packing is the main assignment to be carried out, there is Self Adhesive Book Binding Cloth Tape that is required to hold and tighten the packaging boxes and allied material such as tape guns, strapping tools, and more.
Masking Tapes
Our Masking Tapes are simple to tear and apply because they are composed of low-weight material. These tapes are primarily used to cover the corners of a room for even and seamless painting. Moreover, these tapes are effectively removed from the surface without leaving any residue.
Foam Tapes
The provided Foam Tapes are used to offer to cushion to different items. These tapes keep the material from damage and leakages amid production, transportation and packaging operations. Moreover, our tapes are available with special properties of adhesion, resistance and much more.
Foil Tapes
The provided Foil Tapes help in holding and fastening small and medium-sized packages in an outstanding manner. In addition, the bond of our tapes lasts for long period with their glossy and clear finish. Our tapes are intensively demanded and procured in the market.
Cotton Tape
The provided Cotton Tape is quite often utilized like a strapping tape for various textile applications. furthermore, the strands of our tape doe do not stretch during application. This tape is non-toxic in nature. Our tape helps in quick packaging and good presentation job.
PVC Coated Paper
Our PVC Coated Papers have a top layer of a defensive polymer to seal the print, give scrape resilience, and generally, gleam. Several coatings are handled by UV relieving for soundness. These are delivered in different shades, thicknesses, and designs.

Masking Film
The provided Masking Films are stain, fragment, dissolvable and dampness safe. These are simple to tear without stretching or pulling. They can endure elevated temperature over 160C.

Automobile Industries Tape
Automobile Industries Tape is primarily used to shield painted plastic and/or metal surfaces from dust and scratches while they are being assembled, shipped, and stored. This is very easy to use and safe to handle.
Self Adhesive Book Binding Cloth Tape
Self-Adhesive Book Binding Cloth Tape may add color and additional protection. With the use of bookbinding tape, books, journals, pamphlets, and other publications may be reinforced, mended, and safeguarded.
Surface Protection Film
The provided Surface Protection Film gives instant adhesive force because it is sticky as well as fast used material. It possesses the ability to repair even with minute pressure. This film can be stick to the work-sample according to the customers ideas.

We deal mainly in Gujarat, Maharashtra (Central India) and South India.