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Textile Tape

"A tape is only a tape" and everyone can make a tape that works! Nevertheless, we give Textile Tape that is something beyond a Container Fixing Tape. The tape is produced using hot dissolve based engineered elastic sponsored by a high-quality polypropylene film. It gives magnificent attach and bonds to surface properties just as a solid hold on the container. This tape guarantees a sheltered and secure development of boxes all through the globe! The bond of our Textile Tape is specifically affected by the measure of weight that is utilized to apply the adhesion to the surface. Our tape is utilized in a wide range of utilization with new uses being found practically day by day. The applications will keep on developing as an arrangement for attaching and joining because of advances in glue innovation, convenience, and minimal effort of our Textile Tape as contrasted with customary frameworks.

Key Features:

  • Has an outstanding adhesion
  • Safe against aging, heat, and cold
  • Composed of polypropylene film
  • Can be covered with colored tape