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PVC Coated Paper

The provided PVC Coated Papers have leveling powder paper as well as smooth and polished texture. Since the paint utilized in the splendor of over 90% and the particles after a super schedule, so great quality paper is obtained. These are covered or overlaid composite material composed of paper alongside a plastic membrane on a surface. This kind of PVC Coated Papers is most utilized in the beverage and food packing industry. The plastic is utilized to improve capacities, for example, water obstruction, tear quality, scraped spot opposition, the capacity to be heat-fixed, and so forth. A few PVC Coated Papers are overlaid by glue to a plastic membrane to give resistance properties being used. Different papers are covered with a liquefied plastic layer in which drapery covering is one normal strategy.

Key Features:
  • Delivered in mesmerizing colors
  • Lamination is strong enough to be used for different reasons
  • Composed of paper and plastic material
  • Have properties of tear and water resistance