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Foam Tapes

The provided waterproof Foam Tapes possess two attached sides that make them perfect for joining two surfaces together when they are not able to be joined by the edge, or when the customers do not need tape to be optical on the surface. Our tapes are colossally adaptable that are accessible in different widths, hues, thicknesses, as well as with different glues. In addition, the provided tapes can withstand different scopes of the temperature of over 160ÂșC. The more typical tapes are reasonable for lightweight application, yet more grounded assortments are accessible for the specific use. These Foam Tapes frequently offer water snugness and are found in doors, windows or seals. Furthermore, our tapes are utilized likewise to keep the warmth inside and are accordingly used to make homes more power efficient. Like surface and glass protection tapes, these water resistant Foam Tapes are low tack so these do not harm the material that they are adhered to.

Key Features:

  • Have corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties
  • High resistance and sun protection
  • Strong adhesion and anti-corrosion
  • Considered a good flame resistant