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Adhesive Tapes

If the customers would require anything to join some material together then they would find our Waterproof Adhesive Tapes for this purpose. These tapes can be used for different purposes because they possess perfect adhesion property. Moreover, our tapes have sufficient width and length to carry out various operations such as packaging, joining, fixing and much more. The normal tapes were basically invented in 1925 for the convenience of consumers. Our Adhesive Tapes may comprise floral tapes, basting tapes, electrical tapes, duct tapes and allied sorts of tapes. In addition, the provided tapes can be used for daily applications. In the recent generation, alongside the proliferation of man-made materials such as cellophane, nylon and more products, there are numerous sorts of tapes utilized for every operation of our lives and tasks. These Water Resistant Adhesive Tapes can also be used by auto workers, who seek for something that they can mark the lines of cars or other products, which will not harm the applied paint if removed.

Key features:

  • Great adhesion property
  • Precise length and width
  • Can be customized as per applications
  • Provided in different colors, sizes, finishes and styles