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Packaging Tapes

The provided Water Resistant Packaging Tapes are utilized in numerous applications alongside innovative applications being found each year. In addition, the diversity and utilization of our tapes will persist to develop as an arrangement to joining as well as fastening because of the advances in adhesive advancement, the simplicity of use and low cost as contrasted with conventional fastening systems. We have different sorts of Packaging Tapes for the customers to choose what best suits them as per their certain application and industry types. Moreover, our tapes offer effective structural strength, which can supplant welds, rivets, bolts, and different mechanical fasteners. These tapes are highly used by numerous packaging business for packing cartons, pouches and more material. Furthermore, our Waterproof Packaging Tapes can be utilized for lighter as well as thinner materials to protect from damages during transportation and storage.

Key features:

  • Avoid numerous bacteria from entering the package
  • Helps in effective sealing
  • Keeps odor away from the package
  • Ideal for wrapping and packaging