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Masking Tapes

The provided Masking Tapes will, in general, be smaller than surface tapes, making them perfect for securing window frames, door frames and differently limited highlights when painting the encompassing area. These tapes depend on water as well as are upheld with polypropylene film. Tough our tapes give effective adaptability and strength, the water-based glue mechanism offers high clearness, UV resistance, quick stick, and low scent properties. Regardless the customers need elasticity, temperature resistance, flexibility, removability or sharp paint lines, our Water Resistant Masking Tapes are built to fulfill the needs of the scope of applications. In addition, the provided tapes are the noteworthy class of cement tapes and are generally thin adaptable materials with twofold or single-sided covering. Our tapes will cling to an assortment of substrates when used on most dry and clean surfaces with elevated pressure. Moreover, our Masking Tapes do not demand heat, water or solvent to initiate the adhesive mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Has great coloring property
  • Elevated heat and light reflectivity
  • Can be trimmed intro different specifications
  • Tear constantly and super sticky