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  • Aluminum Water Proof Tape

Aluminum Water Proof Tape

180 INR/Piece

Minimum Order Quantity : 100 Pieces

Delivery Time : 7-10 Days

Aluminum Water Proof Tape Price & Specifications

Tape Type Single Sided

Feature Waterproof, Moisture Proof

Color Silver

Adhesive Type Pressure Sensitive

Supply Ability 2000 Per Day

Delivery Time 7-10 Days

About Aluminum Water Proof Tape Detail

Aluminum waterproof tape is a kind of sticky tape that is intended to give a waterproof and impenetrable seal for different surfaces. It's generally utilized in development, plumbing, and different applications where water opposition and fixing are vital. The tape is commonly produced using a layer of aluminum foil or film that is covered with serious areas of strength for an on one side. The glue side is applied to the objective surface to make a tight and sturdy seal.

Key elements of aluminum waterproof tape include:

1. Waterproofing: The main role of this tape is to make a hindrance against water penetration. It's ordinarily used to seal joints, holes, and creases in building materials to forestall water spills.

2. Strength: Aluminum waterproof tape is intended to endure openness to different atmospheric conditions, including precipitation, moistness, and temperature changes. The aluminum layer adds strength and protection from tearing.

3. Intensity and Cold Opposition: This sort of tape frequently has great warm obstruction properties, making it appropriate for applications where temperature varieties are normal.

4. Intelligent Properties: The aluminum layer of the tape can have intelligent properties, which can be helpful in applications where intensity or light reflection is wanted.

5. Glue Strength: The cement utilized on the tape is major areas of strength for regularly bonds well to different surfaces, like metal, wood, plastic, and cement.

6. Simple Application: Aluminum waterproof tape is frequently simple to cut and apply, making it advantageous for both expert workers for hire and Do-It-Yourself aficionados.

Normal purposes for aluminum waterproof tape include:

1. Material: It very well may be utilized to seal rooftop joints, creases, and glimmering, assisting with forestalling water releases and work on the general waterproofing of a structure.

2. Channeling and Plumbing: The tape can be applied to seal joints in lines and plumbing apparatuses, keeping water from spilling out and causing harm.

3. Central air Frameworks: It's utilized to seal joints and associations in warming, ventilation, and cooling (air conditioning) frameworks to keep up with productive air dissemination and forestall air or water spillage.

4. Window and Entryway Fixing: The tape can be applied around windows and ways to make a climate safe seal, decreasing drafts and potential water invasion.

5. Fix and Upkeep: It's frequently utilized for impermanent fixes of different surfaces, for example, fixing harmed roofing materials or fixing spills in drains.


1. What is aluminum waterproof tape?

Ans: Aluminum water proof tape is a sort of sticky tape that includes an aluminum foil or film layer on one side and a solid glue on the other. It is utilized to make a waterproof and impermeable seal for different surfaces, particularly in development, plumbing, and fix applications.

2. How does aluminum waterproof tape work?

Ans: The tape's aluminum layer gives an obstruction against water and dampness, while the cement side structures a tight seal when applied to surfaces. This forestalls water holes, drafts, and air invasion, making it valuable for both fixing and protection purposes.

3. Where could I at any point utilize aluminum water proof tape?

Ans: This tape is normally utilized in material, plumbing, air conditioning frameworks, window and entryway fixing, and fixes. It's reasonable for applications where water obstruction, strength, and a solid seal are required.

4. Could I at any point utilize aluminum waterproof tape outside?

Ans: Indeed, aluminum waterproof tape is intended to endure outside conditions, including openness to rain, daylight, and temperature vacillations. It's not unexpected utilized in outside applications like rooftop fixes and fixing.

5. How would I apply aluminium waterproof tape?

Ans: Begin with a perfect and dry surface. Strip off the sponsorship from the tape and cautiously apply it to the objective region, squeezing solidly to guarantee major areas of strength for a. Smooth out any kinks or air pockets to accomplish a tight seal. Adhere to the maker's directions for the best application rehearses.

6. Is aluminum waterproof tape heat safe?

Ans: Many kinds of aluminum waterproof tape have good intensity obstruction, which makes them appropriate for applications in regions that experience temperature varieties. Be that as it may, checking the particular item's details for its intensity opposition capabilities is significant.

7. Might I at any point utilize aluminum waterproof tape on adaptable surfaces?

Ans: Indeed, aluminium waterproof tape can be utilized on adaptable surfaces, yet it's fundamental to guarantee that the tape is applied without a hitch and without extreme extending. Flexing the surface after application could make the tape strip or lose its adequacy over the long haul.

8. Does aluminum waterproof tape have intelligent properties?

Ans: Indeed, the aluminum layer in the tape can have intelligent properties. This can be valuable in applications where intensity or light reflection is wanted, for example, in material or protection projects.

9. Could I at any point cover up aluminum waterproof tape?

Ans: A few sorts of aluminium water proof tape can be covered up, however it's prescribed to check with the producer or item details to affirm similarity with paint. Remember that artistic creation over the tape could influence its fixing properties.

10. Is aluminum waterproof tape removable?

Ans: Aluminium waterproof tape is intended for serious areas of strength for a tough bond. While it very well may be feasible to eliminate it, causing so could harm surfaces and probably won't be just about as direct as eliminating customary sticky tape.

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